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what is server

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Sep 7

Server is the store or the place used for storing a Web pages and other files, including data files, images, videos and other content types. To allow retrieval of this information through the Internet, information is stored on the servers which available to the public permanently. Servers usually Are located and placed in a servers farm.

What is the server?
Server is a device with a processor or more and a large storage capacity often begin from 80 GB Ram, starting from the 1 GB it is web hosting and programs.
What is the difference between the servers ?
Varies depending on the server processor of the server cpu time according to the use and purpose of the server, and the quality also depends on the number of sites hosted and the rate of occupancy of the site,  Ram, the line speed Internet access and more importantly the processor type and number.
The objective of the server is the ability to distribute the spaces , Resellers,  Master Reseller , and small servers

Even if you own the nicest site, And if you manage to get excellent placement in search engines,  Still there is a danger that the site will fail , because of low-level hosting.

Problems such as too slow openning pages , Difficulty navigating the inside or error messages that appear frequently, are the Recipe for great loss of users .

“Reliable hosting is a necessary condition for a successful site!”

Web Sites hosting field,  is one of the most interesting markets have developed along with the Internet.

There are some types of hosting – you can choose the right type for your website.

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