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hosting types

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Sep 25

hosting types


There are different types of hosting :

Free hosting sites (Free Hosting) – These sites often change their web pages and add commercials. Sites are relatively limited cost.their properties vary from one company to company, are often underdeveloped enough for professionals, even it is not more than a good place for amateurs who want just to learn, because we heard about some sites that have been deleted without warning and much more.

Hosting Co (Shared Hosting) – Several sites are stored on the same server using the same processor, memory and more.

Its The popular and most widely used. The hosting company developed a wide range of sites participating in the same servers network space.  This type of hosting suitable for small sites.

Dedicated Mini Storage (Virtual Private Server) – storage of this type, each customer receives a dedicated storage partition of the processor and memory allocation, each partition operating system installed separately.

In addition, the customer gets (mostly) full access to the operating system installed with.

This type is used by most of the administrators of the largest sites, government agencies and companies because of the full privacy and integrity , compared with other types.

Green Hosting –  This hosting is fairly new in the online world, where many companies started to offer green hosting services, in order to preserve the environment, Where the dependent companies that provide this type on their own servers to provide clean energy and that too by reducing the emission of carbon into the atmosphere. The clean energy generated by wind or by solar energy.

Cloud Hosting – Example of this hosting : When an article is put what you typed And spread on the Internet through the Digged.



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