Unlimted Disk, Transfer and Domains!


posted by freehosting
Oct 10

Web hosting refers to reservation or renting space on the server or a computer high-potential, use this space in order to develop and host your web pages without the need to buy a server of your own, which may cost you a lot of money in addition to the demands of regular maintenance and security.  After the transfer of your site pages to the  server that will becomes available to visitors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
The choice of a particular hosting plan is an essential factor in raising or lowering your site range in the search engines but this choice is a key for your online success or failure .

    you must reserve a host for your site  as soon as possible even if the site is not completed , The reason for that the search engines like Google, especially likes the ancient sites , with the site increased age and what is offering, the search engines confidence will be great.
your earlier hosting reservation, even for a single page then add new pages later, Search engines always preferred renewable content and adding new pages every time .  this is important also for your visitors as it is important for search engines .
    for booking the site host you must :
1 – make sure of the hosting company’s reputation and the extent of its power, make a balance between services provided and its price to learn if it is worth or not ..
2 – Make sure of the space size that will be booked on the server, and if it’s adequated for your site
3 – make sure of the bandwidth size you are allowed, this property may affect the visitors number
4 – When you book your hosting plan, you must have your own IP Address (dedicated IP) and not involved with any other site .
5- the hosting company must provide the control service for your own site to be updated and renewable .
6- the hosting company Must provide another Hosting service for other Domains on the same hosting space ,this service is called (Add-on domains) or (domains allowed)
7- the most important is the technical service that the hosting company could offer to the costumers .

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