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Nov 22

Free hosting in some cases, a great way when you want to put your site on the web. It’s good if you do not have a credit card to get the hosting and domain name, or if this is your first website or personal page or anything else you want to put on free hosting. To get a good site, there are some things that need to be aware of them and that you search for in the features of free hosting providers. They are:

  • Reliability: The first reason, confidence in the supplier is very important because it is supposed that your privacy is important to you, the provider has the ability to access all information on your company’s hosting.
  • Or storage space hosting “Diskspace”: This is very important. Storage space is important especially if you want to publish the pictures on the website your free. Many free hosting services provide you with 10 MB first and then start to pay the bills in exchange for more storage space. Search for host provides you with at least 50 MB of storage so away from the risk of entry into force of storage space.
  • Bandwidth: This is the thing that slashed by free hosting companies. They provide only small amounts of bandwidth, and then once you reach the maximum of this amount the company to suspend your account. If this happens, you often find yourself needing to pay more in order to provide the bandwidth, or wait until the following month in order to get the new quota, the share of bandwidth monthly. If this happened to you you can contact them via e-mail and more demanding, it is possible to provide you with more, but this exposes you to risk stopping your site.
  • Advertising : Free hosting service provider needs to pay for the service and maintenance for companies that seek to put some ads on your site. Many of these companies are adding “pop-up windows – Popups” and “float-ins” and banners ads and a lot of other ads. Try to find a free hosting without ads.
  •  Jobs and uptime Without some of the functions of the host is difficult to get your pages look the way you want. Try to find a provider offers you a safe and easy tools for editing and maintenance is reliable.

In conclusion, you need to find a host that offers you a safe storage space fairly large and without ads. This way you ensure that you have a good experience in hosting the site for free.

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