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Nov 9

Free hosting web : it is the service offered by some large sites,  for the ads that are placed on the customers  sites- it is free without a fee. usually these companies offers its services free for experiments and learning.  And the flaw in the free hosting That is the limited area And the presence of annoying ads against the hosting companies offer free hosting.

What are the income sources of free storage companies

There are many ways that free hosting companies use to earn money and profit from these sites  :

* the introduction of advertising for the site – this method is the most common.

Will be on every page of your site, ads and numerous large , To serve other customers in the company.

* you will be asked to purchase a domain name through a hosting company itself (which is high price and very expensive).

* will be prompted to effective participation in one section of the forum.

* You will be prompted to add a Link on your site for their company.

* Hosting companies use certain services for sale, such as website design to the customer, designing pages, and provide other services on the network, and that shortly after joining the company and at a high price.

What the Advantages and Disadvantages of free web hosting ?

Advantages :

* Free service

* Virtual server

* to learn from experience how to use and which web hosting, browsing and see responses, and responses to Site Topics

* sufficient data – in terms of space and bandwidth to the sites of primary and basic.


* poor support.

* Servers are too busy.

* limited standards – programs to support basic sites.

Otherwise you will have to pay.

* Banner occur inconvenience for users.

finally its important to know that , People who want to experience the Internet or upload a site as a hobby, free hosting services will fit them.

It is important to know, you get what you pay for

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